75G RO Water Purifier

75G RO Water Purifier

Our 75G RO water purifier is a 5 stage RO purification system featuring a dustproof cover. It has auto flushing function. With filter lifespan alarm and working condition indicator, the water purification device is reliable and easy to use.

1st stage: 5µm PP sediment filter
2nd stage: 85C granular activated carbon filter
3rd stage: CTO filter
4th stage: 75G RO membrane
5th stage: post activated carbon filter
Tank: 3.2 G
Faucet: stainless steel gooseneck faucet
Pump: 80 PSI/0.12 GPM
Transformer: 24 V/1.2 A
Product Dimension: 365*205*460 mm

Parameters of 75G RO Water Purifier
Feed Water Pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa
Feed Water Temperature: 5℃-38 ℃
Feed Water Condition: municipal water
Filter Specifications: 10" filter
Capacity: 50GPD at 25℃, 65 Psi.
Tank Capacity: 4 Gallons
Power: 110V/220V 50/60HZ

As a China-based 75G RO water purifier manufacturer, we also provide side stream water purifier, 5 stage RO water purifier, accessories, auto flush RO water purifier, among others.

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