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  • 800GPD Direct Flow RO Water DispenserWith UV sterilizing function, it ensures customers receive only clean, healthy filtered water.
    The adoption of MLSB membrane element technology contributes to increased water production and reduced wastewater.
    The RO water dispenser can achieve fast heating with double hot tanks.
  • 75GPD Inline RO Water Dispenser Our 75GPD inline RO water dispenser can provide customers with ambient and cold water. It is energy saving and the patented side stream membrane technology improves pure/waste water ratio to 1:1. With capacitive touch buttons, our RO water dispenser is easy to operate. In addition, it is designed with real time temperature display. The chromeplated faucet is durable and easy to clean, and the magnetic water tray could be removed at will.
  • 75GPD Tank Water PurifierIt adopts MLSB membrane element production technology, which helps increase water production rate and reduce wastewater. Our tank water purifier is designed with a smart backlit LED display screen to show working time, filter lifespan and working status. This, coupled with leakage protection and electric shock protection, makes our water purification device easy and safe to use. In addition, quick fittings ensure convenient installation.
  • 400GPD All-in-one RO Water Purifier Our 400GPD all-in-one RO water purifier features tankless design with large flow. It uses a new generation anti-contamination low pressure diaphragm pump that provides high efficiency and low noise. This results in a 20 % increase in flow and pressure rate. In addition, the adoption of patented MLSB membrane technology ensures high membrane utilization rate, which contributes to increased water production and reduced water wastage.
  • Compact Ultrafiltration Water PurifierOur compact ultrafiltration water purifier is an innovative water purification device that adopts hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane. It offers many great features, such as simple structure, extra big flow, low malfunction rate, no wastewater and environmental friendliness. With low operational requirements, the water purifier is applicable to most cities' tap water conditions.
  • 75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier With an optimal design, the side stream water purifier can produce more water each time, which can effectively reduce device startup frequencies and extend the service life of pretreatment filters by 30 %. As a result, it gives end users a 30 % reduction in the usage and maintenance costs.
    For conventional water purifiers, it is impossible to flush the concentrate water out of the membrane element ...
  • 75G RO Water Purifier Our 75G RO water purifier is a 5 stage RO purification system featuring a dustproof cover. It has auto flushing function. With filter lifespan alarm and working condition indicator, the water purification device is reliable and easy to use.
    1st stage: 5µm PP sediment filter ...
  • 400GPD RO Water Purifier Designed with water utilization and energy saving in mind, our RO water purifier provides 20 % less waste water than regular RO systems. In addition, the member has longer service life, about 5 times longer than regular 50 GPD membranes under same condition. Requiring low feed water pressure, the product is operational at as low as 0.03 MPa.
  • 400GPD RO Water Purifier Our 400GPD RO water purifier is a five stage reverse osmosis purification system designed for supplying pure and fresh water. With tankless design, it is easy to use and convenient to maintain. The dustproof cover with display screen helps facilitate cleaning work and allows users to timely know the working conditions. Requiring low feed water pressure, the purifier is operational at as low as 0.03 MPa.
  • 75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier The optimally designed side stream water purifier can produce more water every time, which contributes to reduced device startup frequencies and a 30 % increase in the service life of pretreatment filters. Hence, it enables end users to save 30 % on the usage and maintenance cost. In addition, the RO water purifier has a user friendly LED display that can effectively indicate system working status and filter life alarm ...
  • 75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier Our 75GPD side stream water purifier uses a 3.2 gallon tank and stainless steel gooseneck faucet that is both aesthetic and rust resistant. In addition, a user friendly LED display is used to indicate system working status and filter life alarm, which helps ensure reliable, smooth operation of our purification device. Thanks to the utilization of disposable filters, our water purifier effectively eliminates secondary contamination.
  • Three / Four Stage UF Water Purifier Our three, four stage UF water purifiers utilize stainless steel gooseneck faucets and are suited for general municipal water. They allow a wide range of feed water pressures and temperatures, which could be 0.1-0.35 MPa and 5-38 ℃, respectively. With integrated disposable filter cartridges, our UF water purification systems eliminate secondary contamination and are convenient to maintain.
  • Six Stage Multi Medium Water Purifier Our six stage multi medium water purifier provides a cost effective way of producing purified water for human consumption. Using water produced by this device is good for health and can effectively avoid deaths from waterborne diseases. With a reasonable design, our six stage water purifier is simple to maintain. To ensure only qualified products reach our customers, our water purification systems undergo ...

New Water Treatment Product

Our dedicated research and development department has consistently created new water treatment product through the use of patented technologies and thousands of tests. Our newly developed water purifiers always have been customer favorites since they were launched in the market.

We are a China-based water treatment product manufacturer and supplier. We also offer 5 stage RO water purifier, auto flush RO water purifier, inline tank water purifier, industrial RO water system, and much more.

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