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  • 75GPD Inline RO Water Dispenser Our 75GPD inline RO water dispenser can provide customers with ambient and cold water. It is energy saving and the patented side stream membrane technology improves pure/waste water ratio to 1:1. With capacitive touch buttons, our RO water dispenser is easy to operate. In addition, it is designed with real time temperature display. The chromeplated faucet is durable and easy to clean, and the magnetic water tray could be removed at will.
  • 75GPD Tank Water PurifierIt adopts MLSB membrane element production technology, which helps increase water production rate and reduce wastewater. Our tank water purifier is designed with a smart backlit LED display screen to show working time, filter lifespan and working status. This, coupled with leakage protection and electric shock protection, makes our water purification device easy and safe to use. In addition, quick fittings ensure convenient installation.
  • 75G Elegant Water Purifier Our 75G elegant water purifier is a five stage reverse osmosis water filtration system that is space efficient due to its compact design. A LCD display is used to timely indicate water production and flushing mode. In addition, the RO water purifier is designed with filter lifespan indicator, greatly facilitating maintenance work. With water leakage protection function, our device will operate stably and reliably.
  • 75G Inline Tank Water PurifierWith low pressure high performance membrane, our inline tank water purifier can produce 75 gallons of filtered water per day at 25 ℃, 65 Psi. As this product is designed with a 2.5 G pressure tank inside, it is very compact. In fact, its package is just 620 mm long, 300 mm wide and 420 mm tall.
    Our inline tank water purifier offers high reliability, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.
  • Standing RO Water Purifier Our standing RO water purifier uses a compressor to cool water and UV lamp or water sterilization. With dry heating protection, leakage alarm and protection functions, the water purification system is reliable and safe to use. In addition, our product adopts microcomputer controller and large VFD display screen, which allows the system working status to be clearly and accurately monitored.
  • 75G Dolphin Water Purifier The transparent blue water tank enables users to clearly see the water storage level, thus ensuring clean, safe water is always available when needed. As the tank is installed in the purifier as a whole, our product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to clean and remove. In addition, the automatic control and self protection make the RO water purifier more reliable and easier to operate.

75G All-in-one Water Purifier

With the tank installed in the water purifier as a whole, the product can be put on the counter or in the living room. Due to its fashionable design and beautiful appearance, you will love our 75G all-in-one water purifier at first sight!

As a specialized 75G all-in-one water purifier manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide 8 stage RO water purifier, direct flow RO water purifier, RO water purifier, side stream water purifier, and much more.

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