400G Direct Flow Water Purifier

400G Direct Flow Water Purifier

Our 400G direct flow water purifier adopts tankless design, which solves secondary pollution problem, ensuring users receive healthy and safe filtered water. The utilization of patented MLSB (multi-leaves single bag) membrane technology makes the water production capacity of RO membrane increase by 10-15 %. In fact, single membrane can produce up to 400 gallons of filtered water per day. In addition, the proportion between pure water and waste water is 1:2, which can save water and energy.

Made using quality components, our direct flow water purifiers have long service life and require low operating cost. The lifespan of filter cartridges is 40 % longer than that of 50 GPD series, enabling users to save on replacement cost. The transformer used in our water purification device is a new generation electronic transformer that features high efficiency, low heat generation and stable output voltage. The pretreatment uses direct connection technology, resulting in increased pretreatment volume and reduced pressure loss.

Technical Parameters of 400G Direct Flow Water Purifier

Suitable Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ
Power Rating 80 W
Inlet Pressure 0.1 MPa-0.35 MPa
Operating Pressure 0.6 MPa-0.8 MPa
Suitable Water Temperature 5-38 ℃
Suitable Water Quality Municipal tap water meeting the GB5749-2006 standards
Filter Specifications 10 inches
Packing Dimension 450(L)×335(W) ×330(H)

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