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600GPD Direct Flow RO System

600GPD Direct Flow RO System

The direct flow RO system has a large capacity, which can produce 600 gallons of filtered water per day. By processing municipal water through five stage RO filtration process, the system can effectively remove contaminants and other harmful substances from water. Customers can feel confident in the quality and safety of the filtered water.

1st stage: 5µm PP sediment filter
2nd stage: 85C granular activated carbon filter
3rd stage: CTO filter
4th stage: RO membrane
5th stage: post carbon
Tank: 11 G
Packing Dimension: 430*300*830 mm

Parameters of 600GPD Direct Flow RO System
Feed Water Pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa
Feed Water Temperature: 5 ℃-38 ℃
Feed Water Condition: municipal water
Filter Specifications: 20" filter
Capacity: 600 GPD at 25 ℃, 65 Psi.
Tank Capacity: 11 Gallons
Power: 110 V/220 V

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