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20TPH Industrial RO Water System

20TPH Industrial RO Water System

With an outflow volume of 20 t/h, our industrial RO water system is suitable for applications where a large quantity of filtered water is required. It has precise pressure gauge and conductivity meter that can reflect the working condition timely, thereby ensuring precise, reliable operation. In addition, main electrical components of the control system are from world renowned brands, such as Schneider or Omron.

1. Auto flush is available when the machine starts.
2. The industrial RO water system provides low water and low pressure protection.
3. The RO equipment will automatically stop when lack of source water or there is enough pure water.
4. The motor unit has a protection device.
5. The reverse osmosis water system can be turned off when the pretreatment system is regenerating.
6. Attached pump control is provided.

Parameters of 20TPH Industrial RO Water System
Outflow Volume: 20 t/h
Dimension: 2500×1700×1800 mm
Power Source: AC380 V/50 HZ
Rated Power: 26.0 kW
Feed Water Pressure: 0.25 MPa-0.35 MPa
Working Pressure: 0.1 MPa-1.2 MPa
Suitable Water Temperature:5-40 ℃
Suitable Feed Water: Tap water, or well water meeting GB standard
Booster Pump: Hangzhou Nanfang special pump, or in accordance with customer's requirements
Bracket: the carbon steel with stoving varnish, or stainless steel

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