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  • RO Membrane Cleaner After the RO membrane is used for quiet a while, calcium, magnesium and some organic substances may accumulate on its surface. These substances will affect the filtration efficiency and water quality if they are not timely removed. Therefore, a RO membrane cleaner is needed. Our RO membrane cleaner can wash three pieces of reverse osmosis membrane at one time. Due to its compact design, the package of the product is small, just 420 mm long, 355 mm wide and 550 mm tall, enabling customers to save on transportation cost.
  • RO Demonstration System Packing Dimension: 420(L)*355(W)*550(H) mm

RO Membrane Machine

As a China-based RO membrane machine manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides RO membrane elements, auto flush RO water purifier, under sink RO water purifier, inline tank water purifier, and more.

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