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Side Stream RO Membrane

Side Stream RO Membrane

Our side stream RO membrane has an innovative design. As the inflow direction is perpendicular to the concentrate water flow direction, MLSB membrane has a longer and narrower inflow passage, so its surface flow rate can be 2.8 times higher than that of traditional membrane. Higher flow rate can reduce the rate of concentration polarization and enhance the effect of surface flush of RO membrane. Experiment results show that this can reduce membrane blockage, scale formation and at least reduce 50 % wastewater discharge.

Model Inflow rate (l/h) Surface flow rate of membrane inflow side (cm/s) Surface flow rate of membrane concentrate water side (cm/s)
Side Stream Type 21 3.0 1.72
27 3.9 2.6
Traditional Type 27 1.4 1.05

With MLSB Membrane Production Patent
The MLSB technology can help improve the utilization rate of RO membrane. Compared with traditional technology, it enables the pure water to increase 10-15 % under the same size condition. This, coupled with side stream, our membrane's utilization rate can be up to 85-90 % while the traditional membrane only has 70 % utilization rate.

Product Advantages
1. Our side stream RO membrane results in less waster water, which is environmentally friendly.
2. It provides a high salt rejection rate, which can be more than 98 %.
3. Due to less concentration polarization, our RO membrane has a lower risk of being contaminated and thus provides a longer lifespan.
4. Our side stream RO membrane is designed with stress resistant end cap and offers good resistance to water hammer, fall attack and deformation. Additionally, the fixing guide is available to prevent wrong installation.
5. Due to O-ring design, better sealing is achieved, contributing to better water quality.
6. The membrane is more compact, 10 % smaller than conventional products, so it is lighter and more economical.

Our company is an experienced side stream RO membrane manufacturer in China. We also provide RO demonstration system, all-in-one RO water purifier, residential RO water purifier, commercial water purifier, and more.

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